The impact of oral health on the health of athletes.

For the first time in such a formula, the World Dental Federation FDI and the Virtual Dental Exhibition by CEDE want to talk about the relationship between oral health and athletes' performance. The participants of the debate are eminent specialists in sports dentistry: prof. Ian Needleman, UCL Eastman Dental Institute - Centre for Oral Health and Performance (moderator), prof. Marc Engels Deutsch, Vice President of the European Association for Sports Dentistry, Rainer Knoeller, Head of Science, German Athletics Association and excellent athletes: Tomasz Majewski, two-time Olympic champion in shot put, Polish Athletic Association vice-president and dr Zak Lee-Green, former member of GB Rowing Team and a dentist.

Sport dentistry - facts:
poor oral health affects the quality of life and well-being, and these are two key elements necessary to achieve high sports performance;
caries and periodontal diseases can cause and maintain inflammation and infections in the body, which also makes training and competition difficult;
some athletes are at greater risk of dental trauma if they are not properly protected. The FDI recommends wearing a custom-made mouthguard in such cases;
sport knows many cases where tooth problems (pain, abscess, infection) have prevented athletes from competing;
a separate topic are energy drinks eagerly consumed by athletes, which contain high levels of sugar and acids, causing tooth decay, gum disease and tooth erosion.


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