The VDE by CEDE Partner Package guarantees much more opportunities than standard participation in the event.

PARTNER package includes:

  • 6-element booth »view«,
  • privileged stand position in the exhibition hall,
  • social media,
  • adding unlimited number of documents,
  • adding 6 videos,
  • audio, video and text chat,
  • company’s profile,
  • adding 6 external links,
  • lectures/webinar/workshop in prime time,
  • logo at the event webpages
  • logo in the registration form,
  • logo in the confirmation email,
  • logo in newsletters,
  • logo on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,
  • information about the Partner in press releases
Exemplary PARTNER booth

Exemplary PARTNER booth

The package can be extended with additional options listed below (individual pricing):

 The package also includes:

  • three "live” days and a month of VOD afterwards (guests can still visit booths, with possibility to contact sales reps via email, with full webinars access on demand – both at the booth and at the congress),
  • opportunity to promote your brand / technology / services / knowledge on the most modern platform for organising virtual events in the world,
  • international and Polish trade media promotion,
  • international social media promotion,
  • full statistical report (number of booth guests, webinar participants, contacts) during and after the event,
  • free webinars/online setup trainings,
  • technical support