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Thursday, September 24

Lina Gassner Kanters

Lina Gassner Kanters

The importance of oral hygiene education. »read more«



Prof. Ian Needleman (moderator), Prof. Rainer Knoeller, Prof. Marc Engels Deutsch, Zak Lee-Green, Tomasz Majewski

The impact of oral health on the health of athletes. »read more«


Dr Marwan El Mobadder Dr Marwan El Mobadder

Overall Introduction to the SMARTm PRO Laser and the current evidence on its use in the different fields.


Friday, September 25

Dr Joachim Enax

Dr. Joachim Enax

Introducing the new Kinder-Karex toothpaste: Fluoride-free cavity protection with biomimetic hydroxyapatite.
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Dr. Wolff Group



Saturday, September 26

Dr . Roslyn Franklin

Dr. Roslyn Franklin

Reopening dental practices: Infection Control Challenges. »read more«