Virtual Dental Exhibition by CEDE – step by step for dentists, technicians, hygienists, assistants, managers

Turn on your computer

1. Turn on your computer, tablet, phone with internet access. You don't need to download any applications, just register or log in here. If you were a participant of previous editions of CEDE, use your login and password. The platform is available in Polish and English.


Start VDE by CEDE participation

2. That's all the formalities - start VDE by CEDE participation. Remember that VDE in the "live" formula lasts three days, September 24-26. Then, until October 25, the exhibition (exhibitors offers , webinars) will be carried out on demand (without interaction and live lectures). Up to 25.10 you can return to VDE as many times as you want. »see more«


Take a look around in the lobby

3. Take a look around in the lobby. This is where your virtual participation will start, from here you will go to the exhibition pavilions, lecture halls and specific booths. Also available in the lobby are: Video Vault (a collection of all the exhibitors' videos) and Resources (exhibitors' promotional materials) and an information desk – just like in real life. »see more«


Visit the company booth / talk to a representative

4. Visit the company booth, send email to a representative. Search for the company alphabetically or using categories. At the booth you can read/watch materials (files, photos, PDFs, case descriptions etc.) provided by the exhibitor. Download them to your private briefcase, send everything to your e-mail at the end of the visit. You don't carry anything, you don't have to print, you're ecofriendly! During your visit to VDE you can visit as many booths as you like.


Take part in webinars

5. Watch webinars/debates. Visit the lecture hall, select a session and a specific debate or lecture and click "Play". Participation doesn't involve fees or additional registration. »see more«